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Megacoms Networks an Information Communication Technology service provider, with experienced and talented professionals that are passionate about delivering global competitive I.T services and solutions to the industry, we offer you world class I.T/Networking solutions, intranet development, web design and digital public relations.
You will benefit from our team’s combined education, experience, and continual learning. Each member of the megacoms network team participates in regular brainstorming sessions that develop the ongoing online marketing strategy and IT services for your business. We love to work with clients like you to boost your business, help you make more money, and save you time.

Megacoms Networks works very closely with our customers and provide a strategic partner approach, which allows clients to familiarise themselves with Megacoms Networks processes. This also provides an opportunity for the ICT team to understand clients specific business strategies and focuses allowing Megacoms Networks to tailor bespoke solutions to satisfy not only technical standards of compliance but also utilise solutions for core business excellence.
The Megacoms Networks team is focused on maintaining long standing relationships with our clients, by delivering solutions on demand that are commercially viable and business focused. Our clients can expect to be updated regularly on new ways to leverage existing technologies available to enhance their business and compete globally

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Megacoms Networks Become the most noble-minded and sought after result-oriented I.T service provider in Africa. We hereby apply for participation in your corporate projects.


  • It is our goal to help our clients achieve their business objectives by custom designing an I.T solution to meet their specific needs. From simple upgrades to complex installations, we provide high tech solutions and outstanding customer service for all size of business in Nigeria.
  •  To build an I.T firm with noble-minded desire to design and implement IT solutions that meets our client’s objectives 
  •  To constantly innovate, involve, learn, grow and prosper in changing IT industry
  • To always work with passion and nothing less, in any strenuous working atmosphere.
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Megacoms Networks sees teamwork on every project as the key success ingredient. The overall project manager is duty-bound in ensuring effective communication to all personnel at all levels. Teams are built by combining the strengths of the individual members and refining skills to meet and exceed the Client’s expectations.


These core values represent what Megacoms networks stands for. They are our deeply held beliefs, our highest priorities, and the fundamental forces that drive our actions as we deal with each other and the world outside. They are the foundation that forms and shapes how we carry out our strategies that help us reach each of our goals that lead us to find success, we chose these specific values because they will help us uphold godly principles and Christian values in the workplace.
They are: Integrity, Quality, Service, Knowledge and Positivity. .

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Why Choose us

We’re unique for the way our team members each specialize in different areas. We focus on keeping up with the latest trends and best practices for each I.T area and platform, to give your business a better bottom line. Check out on our services and solutions.